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Harvested by the Palestinian women of the village of Silwad near Ramallah, sumac is a sun-dried spice that originally grows on the sumac trees on the hills of Palestine. After the whole drying process, the farmers carefully select the finest sumac fruits, clean and grind them to get 100% natural flavoring without preservatives and additives. Its unique sweet and sour flavor adds a distinctive flavor to salads and meals.


SKU: 0062
100 Grams
  • Little known in Europe, sumac is served with almost every meal in Turkey. Its sour, tart taste refines all kinds of stews and inspires with a fruity note.

    Sumac comes from the eastern Mediterranean region, as the nickname "Sicilian sugar" suggests. Rarely used on its own, sumac is usually mixed with salt before being served for seasoning. In Turkey, sumac is a popular table spice and is often served with high-fat dishes because of its digestive effect. In Europe, however, the red sumac fruit is still little known as a condiment. Sumac is a wonderful alternative to vinegar or lemon juice.

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